Sexbound API

Sexbound API installs a framework and custom artwork that can be freely used by modders to create prefab and custom sex interactions in Starbound. It is released under the GNU GPLv3 license.

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All end-users must be at least 18 years old to view, download, and / or install this software.

Sexbound API provides a framework to help modders quickly create sex mods for Starbound. It must be manually installed into the Starbound Mods folder along with the add-on mods that you want to use.

Credits - ChesterPiece - Krystalic - Red3dred - Supporters - 奎尼昌 - Ananoke - BlastWint - CodeRedAlert - Darling_Dingus - Fylix Aerou - HandHolding_CherryPopper - Jamie - Kasuno - Keryan - Kinadion - Kuroritas - Memeahen - MyonMyon - NibblesTheNightstalker - Owen Lee - ShadowXprice - Wasteland Doggo Vox - ZappyCoffee - Zephyr팩스

Add-On Mods

The below mods are compatible with the Sexbound API. The links no longer have interstitial ads, and they navigate directly to Loverslab.

Mod Name Link Author Description

A species support mod must be installed to enable your favorite custom species to be compatible with Sexbound API.

All of the below links navigate to the Loverslab website. It's assumed that all species support mods have been granted permission from their original authors. If a below species support mod has used your artwork without your explicit permission, contact the creator of that mod directly or submit a DCMA to Loverslab.

Mod Name Link Author Description

Sexbound API releases new versions regularly.

You can choose between downloading the PAK or the UNPAK (Source).

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